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Gem Mining

Discover genuine gemstones as you sift a bag of sand in the water sluice.  4 bags to choose from in the gift shop.  

Time required:  15-20 minutes

Cost: $10.95-$37.00


Visitors stroll through an open field where kangaroos and friends roam freely.  Interpreters discuss the animals’ habits and habitats.

Time required:  30 minutes

Cost: Included in Admission

Feed Cost is $1-$5 

Draxx and Zyla.jpg

Current River Cave

Informative and educational guided tour of Current River Cave. Please bring appropriate footwear as water is often in the cave. Approximately 40 stairs. 

Quarry Dig

Visitors are able to search and discover their own rare and precious gems! A guest favorite! 

Time required:  10-30 minutes

Cost: $9.95

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